SERESCO - WebSentry

Our WebSentry® Monitoring service redefines the concept of factory service and support by remotely monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all the critical functions of your dehumidifier 24/7 – in real time via the Internet. It also allows secure remote access and control by the factory or authorized service personnel.

Halton - M.A.R.V.E.L.

Halton offers industry leading HVAC solutions that provide energy efficiency and safety without compromising comfortable conditions.The Halton M.A.R.V.E.L. provides real time airflow optimization, making the system operate at the lowest possible energy footprint.
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation consumes a substantial part of energy within any restaurant. M.A.R.V.E.L. has a positive impact on profitability and environmental issues.

SERESCO - Protocol

Through the use of a secondary heat exchange fluid, the Seresco NP Series overcomes both refrigerant volume and system reliability challenges. This revolutionary design reduces the refrigerant charge by up to 85% while providing superior humidity control, exceptional reliability and lower operating costs

Halton - CaptureJet

Halton hoods fitted with the Capture Jet™ technology deliver up to a 40% reduction in exhaust airflow rates compared to conventional hoods while containing and removing exactly the same effluent .
Such a significant reduction in exhaust airflow rates also mean a significant financial saving on the energy needed to ventilate the kitchen.


Every system includes factory commissioning to ensures we meet designed performance.

Seresco dehumidifiers provide the most comprehensive inventory of pool design and engineering resources available. With our industry leading WebSentry monitoring service you will always know how your pool is performing. Take the seresco challenge and see why we are the #1 choice in Pool Dehumidification

Halton builds ventilation system for high performance kitchens.
Whether it’s a new project or retrofit, Halton has the solution for you.
EcoloAir may be your solution to code requirements, environmental standards, multi-story structures, high installation costs, limited roof space, historical/architectural sites and multi-restaurant applications.

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